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Our QuickBooks experts are all Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors, meaning we are the best of the best QuickBooks accountants and bookkeepers available. To become certified, one must pass a rigorous certification test created by QuickBooks' developer, Intuit Corp. The certificate guarantees that an advisor has received the highest level of QuickBooks training and is adept with all of QuickBooks' features. When hiring a consultant to implement a small business accounting solution for payroll, invoicing or other bookkeeping, be sure to hire a local Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Our Washington-based QuickBooks experts are fully qualified to provide you with the best QuickBooks setup.

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This is a Tax firm. We focus on the tax needs of small business. Employees Jennifer Zhou and Tawni Berg are CPAs, each with Masters degrees in accounting and prior experience at “big four” CPA firms. The principal has a law degree and a Masters in Tax Law. He is not a CPA. Thus, this is not a CPA firm. The services provided by this firm are similar to quality CPA firms (tax preparation, tax consulting, business consulting, payroll, Quickbooks consulting and bookkeeping). However, we do not provide compiled, reviewed or audited financial statements, which can be provided by a CPA firm only. In our experience, the vast majority of small businesses do not require these services. A small business would require the extra expense of these services only if it is required by a lender or investor. If such services are needed, we are in contact with other quality firms that can provide these services.